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Scope of Medical

The field of medical is the most desirable and respected profession in all parts of the world. If we talk about Pakistan, then it is not a piece of cake to get involved in this field due to very high competition and high merit set by the medical institutions. But, once you get through with your education of medical the life gets easier. No matter in which country you’re settled in, all the hard work and determination towards studies will definitely pay off. This is the beauty of this profession because it really takes you from bottom to top.

Medical field
Pharmaceutical field
Food and science technology
BS. Botany
BS. Zoology
BS. Chemistry

Scope of Engineering

The intermediate of Science (Pre-Engineering) degree provides general exposure and education in many aspects of basic Scientific Enquiry. The program develops the basic scientific skills of the students in fields of Physic, Chemistry and Mathematics through detailed lectures, question – answer sessions, and practices in well equipped labs, on the most modern instruments.

Engineering field
BS. Mathematics
BS. Physics
BS. Mechanical
BS. Tech
BS. Architecture
BS. Chemical

Scope of Commerce

Commerce is at the moment a promising subject as a whole. In the present day world, almost every human activity is related with economy, whether in the shape of trade and industry or commerce and banking. Any concern which has transaction of money, a commerce graduate has his footing there.

FIA (Foundations in Accountancy)Diploma
ACCA(United Kingdom)Diploma
BS Accounting & Finance
BBA Honors
B.com Honors

Scope of Computer Science

Compute Programs is committed to create, expand, disseminate and teach the computer science body of knowledge through academics, applications and research which positively impact society locally, nationally, and internationally. The program will produce Computer experts of great character, competence, vision and valuable competencies, unique expertise, globally compatible dispositions and culturally and professionally acceptable values to take on appropriate professional roles in computer science domain or proceed to further or higher education or training.

BS Computer Sciences
BS Physics
BS Software Engineering
BS Statistics
BCS (Two Year Program)

Scope of Humanities

Intermediate of Humanities or FA Humanities is most demanded Program after FSC and I.Com Program. Mostly students want to join Humanity Program to grip on Art Courses in Pakistan. It is the most vital need of today’s ERA. The good career option for boys and girls in this field.

BS. English
BS. Education
BS. Fine Arts
BS. Political Science
BS. History